What is an I can Make a Difference Grant?

The CT Block Party Foundation wants to help you change your neighborhood. If you see a person in need or a problem that needs to be solved in the state of Connecticut and have an idea of how to help, we want to help make your idea a reality. The Foundation will provide grants of up to $1,000 to help you to make an impact in the place where you live.

Who can apply?

Young people between the ages of 5 and 21 (who live or attend school in the state of Connecticut) Applications for those less than 13 years of age must be completed with the assistance of an adult or guardian.

Grant Details

  • Amount: Up to $1,000

Purpose of Grants: Funds should be used for a service project that addresses need in your community. Your community can be your classroom, your neighborhood, your town or your street. Whether you want to raise awareness about an important issue in your school or help a neighbor in need, the grants are the seeds to help you make a difference.


  • A completed application with a detailed budget
  • Recommendation from a non-family member

Grant Criteria

We are looking to help you change the world. Bring us all your great ideas! Projects should be:

Youth led: Our goal is to change our world by helping young people see the impact they can have on the world. Projects should emphasize youth leadership and participation and involve other young people.

Community Focused: The project should focus on improving as well as involving your community. We want you to look around you and see how you can make an impact here in Connecticut.

Results oriented: Your project should have a measurable result. There should be a difference in your community when your project is complete and applicants should have clear goals for how to reach them. If your project is a fundraiser, fundraising goals should be (3x) the amount of the grant requested.

Creative: We encourage you think outside of the box about how you will reach your goal. We want you to tap into your ability to see our world in a new way. We can provide mentorship and assistance to make your idea a reality.



Grants do not cover:

  • Direct Donations
  • Travel
  • Individual Sponsorships within event (i.e. donations for Relay for life teams)


Online Grant Application

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